Saturday, 4 January 2014

Good Morning Mr. Magpie

I was recently asked to style an 'urban' shoot and model for clothing company Good Morning Mr. Magpie, a line based in Devon designed by London College Of Fashion graduate Yasmin Ross. The clothing is colourful, exciting and contemporary using a wide array of textures and fabrics. Myself and two other models spent the day in Exeter getting 'urban' blog-style shots for the line's sale on Asos Marketplace. I brought along my usual shoot essentials- big heels, casual flats and jeans. Along with some accessories to meet the 'urban' theme of the line (e.g orange beanie). I paired my items with the garments to compliment them without detracting any focus. The decision was to keep hair and make-up natural and minimal, again, so as not to distract from the garments. Other than freezing cold it was a super fun day with really lovely people, I met an incredibly talented and efficient MUA Laura Light who i'm sure i'll be working with in the future. The items can be purchased on Asos Marketplace and many more designs are available on the website, both are linked below. I recommend the hand made products for their quality and individuality, with many designs made in very limited numbers making them 'bespoke to you'. 

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Models, Harriet Victoria, Connie Wilson & Amber Gratton- Davey
Photographer, Katy Thomas
MUA, Laura Light

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