Friday, 13 December 2013

The Denim Project

Jeans, Levi's- Vintage
Jacket, Vintage
Bralet, Asos
Shoes, Miista
Above is a shoot that ties into what i'm doing at college entitled 'The Denim Project'. The aim of the photoshoot was to bring denim back- my contemporary take on the arguably hideous 1980's denim trend. I would quite happily argue that double denim can look great now. I wanted to do as much as i could myself with this project and so i embarked on my first photography experience and borrowed a friends camera to take the photo's in the studio. The outfit is inspired by how denim was worn by influential figures in the 80's- Madonna, Bananarama (particularly in their Cruel Summer video) and Cyndi Lauper. The obvious choice to make the outfit modern was to go with current trends- however i found that make-up in the 1980's was similar to what is popular now with regards to eyebrows. Cara Delevigne has exasperated the already popular trend of the thick defined brow. So i decided to contrast this entirely with a 'white-out' brow inspired by Balint Barna's 'A Touch Of White'. There is something so alien and futuristic about a white or bleached brow and i'm totally on board with the entire look. The shoes are there to match the brows and look great and i wanted the poses to be dynamic and interesting to reflect the energy of the era. Finally; it was important to have a blonde model with platinum hair being the only way to do hair in the 80's. Enjoy.

Speak Soon,

Harriet x

Model, Connie Wilson
Photography, MUA, Stylist, Director, Harriet Victoria


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fur time

Shoes, Faith
Hat, Topshop
Coats, Vintage
Necklace, Topshop
Top (Stud neck), Bitching & Junkfood

You don't need me to tell you that faux fur is the world's greatest invention, warm and beeaautiful and perfect for english weather. So i decided to do a shoot based on them- above are three out of my collection of seven. Don't be alarmed at this number, I haven't paid more than £20 for a single one and so my advice is ALWAYS to scour charity shops and carboot sales for these particular coats. It seems there are hundreds of them around and it's so worth the effort with high street stores selling them for between fifty and eighty pounds. Likewise, it is so much better to be wearing a fur coat that not everybody else is wearing- although i'm not one to criticise that because people are bound to have the same clothes as you if they're gorgeous and in a popular store. They are so versatile- although i would totally recommend rocking yours with a big floppy hat ;)

Speak soon,

Harriet x

Photographer, Katy Thomas
Stylist & Model, Harriet Victoria