Saturday, 16 November 2013


A Challenge..
Above are images with the overarching theme being 'Africa'. I styled myself and the beautiful Bridgit Sissions chosen to model by the photographer. When presented with an African theme i was a concerned stylist- without the luxury of donated clothing and being primarily an 'all black' dresser i knew i would struggle; however i found some beautiful african inspired pieces in my wardrobe that were perfect for this shoot. Ofcourse, these images are not supposed to be accurate depictions of traditional african garments, but more encapsulating an african vibe, a popular look during the summer. 
My favourite outfit is the red suit given to me by my auntie when i was visiting her recently in cornwall, it is at least twenty years old by M&S and i absolutely love it to teeny tiny little pieces. A suit on a woman, as i have mentioned before, is a favourite of mine. Not just for it's flattering and edgy finish- but for the way it allures to a wealth of history regarding the emancipation of women. 

Outfits top to bottom.
Bikini top, Missguided Top, Vintage  Leggings, Topshop  Chain, Topshop  Earings, Vintage  Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell
Kaftan, H&M  Shirt, Topshop  Skirt, Vintage  Jewellery, Vintage  Shoes, Topshop
Head tie, Vintage  Chains, Vintage&Topshop  Belt, Vintage  Trousers, Vintage  Top, Topshop Shoes, Office  Croptop, Primark
Suit, Vintage M&S  Shirt, Allsaints
Headpiece, Ebay  Croptop, Vintage  Skirt, Vintage
Discopant body suit, Missguided  Dress, Vintage  Chains, Vintage  Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

Photographer, Harry Cooke
Models, Harriet Victoria & Bridget Sissions
MUA, Lily Woodworth
Stylist, Harriet Victoria

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