Saturday, 19 October 2013

Straps & Chains

Shorts, Bitching and Junkfood
Chains,  Topshop & Vintage
Shoes,  Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses,  Vintage
Croptop,  Topshop
Earings,  Vintage
Jacket,  Vintage

Straps & Chains, a big look for myself and others this summer and one i will be taking through to winter with a little warming up.
This look is inspired by what i've seen on the high street with particular emphasise both Topshop, and a favourite of mine, Bitching and To be perfectly honest it's all about the shorts. I've always been a lover of high waisted shorts because they lengthen your legs and allow for a crop top combo- i personally don't think it's ever pretty to have a full stomach out, it's a bit reminiscent of 90's girl bands/spice girls- for me with the high waist making the look a lot less offensive.
 However the bondage-like straps fitted to the denim adds a cool and sexy edge that, shamefully, gave me the incentive to spend £90- which really does make me recoil when i consider that these are going to be difficult to wear in british winter weather; but i WILL find a way.. and regarding the sunglasses- thank you john Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne for a legacy of 'cool'.

Speak soon,

Harriet x

Photographer, Harry Cooke
Stylist & Model, Harriet Victoria

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