Monday, 14 October 2013

Suited & Booted

(Braces, American Apparel)
(DiscoPants, Missguided)
(Boots, Urban Outfitters)
(Earing's, Vintage)
(Shirt, Allsaints)

A little late on this post, but i feel it's really important to mention suits. Suits are my new favourite outfit ever. Above is my favourite of a shoot i did with friend and photographer Rachel Sherlock about half way through the summer. Since then, i have noticed quirky and well fitting suits for my demographic are becoming increasingly easy to get hold of (leaving myself to feel that smug- age old 'did i start this trend?' fashion forecasting vibe, which is, unfortunately, probably not the case at all).

Regardless, the androgynous nature of a suit on a woman is something beautiful to me- and the combination of this and the outfit's versatility with regards to its wear: oversized, skirted, trousered, fitted, patterned cropped etc means i'll be rocking the suit through to winter whenever i can get away it. 

In the image above i am arguably wearing a more modern take on the suit when compared to the more traditional matching jacket and trouser combo, I recommend this technique for a less formal every day approach to the outfit.

Speak soon, 


Photographer, Rachel Sherlock
Make Up, Gemma Rowland
Model & Stylist, Harriet Victoria

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