Tuesday, 20 August 2013


'Wintery Androgynous Collective'. 
Shirt.River Island
Suit Jacket.Vintage
Shoes.Doc Martens 1461's
Glasses.Childhood Mistake
Trousers.Urban Outfitters

  Styled this with the 1970's in mind. Not too wise on era's but whatever it is i felt fresh. 
  Photo's by Harry Cooke, Click top logo to view his work-
  A budding young photographer based in Devon and a really nice bloke.

Location: Abandoned Factory.

Speak Soon, Harriet

Rat Attack, A bird in hand

Music Video:
'A Bird In Hand.'

BTS Photography:
Pangaea Tv Productions
Kerrang Magazine

 This post Is a little late- but earlier this year I 'acted' in my first music video! Exciting. Although arguably/..undeniably an extra it was still fun. Local band Rat Attack advocate a 'party punk' genre- 'Rock' to the rest of us, and chose an adulterous theme to accompany their new release A Bird In Hand. 
 Consequently meaning it was the role of myself and seven other girls to play the unfaithful conquests of the band members, on a night out unknown to their girlfriends.
 Love that.

 The filming was an all day endeavour that turned in to a bit of a party- and we were featured in Kerrang Magazine!
 I can't even report on my fashion decisions because i frantically borrowed the dresses off a girl i knew without checking the labels for brands- very last minute- and put on my gigantic studded JC's for confidence. A decision i later regretted due to pairing with a shorter band member, but a lovely guy called Mike.

Watch me

 See if you can see me; I'm the tall one in the white dress.
And then the tall one in the red dress. 

 Speak Soon, Harriet