Friday, 13 December 2013

The Denim Project

Jeans, Levi's- Vintage
Jacket, Vintage
Bralet, Asos
Shoes, Miista
Above is a shoot that ties into what i'm doing at college entitled 'The Denim Project'. The aim of the photoshoot was to bring denim back- my contemporary take on the arguably hideous 1980's denim trend. I would quite happily argue that double denim can look great now. I wanted to do as much as i could myself with this project and so i embarked on my first photography experience and borrowed a friends camera to take the photo's in the studio. The outfit is inspired by how denim was worn by influential figures in the 80's- Madonna, Bananarama (particularly in their Cruel Summer video) and Cyndi Lauper. The obvious choice to make the outfit modern was to go with current trends- however i found that make-up in the 1980's was similar to what is popular now with regards to eyebrows. Cara Delevigne has exasperated the already popular trend of the thick defined brow. So i decided to contrast this entirely with a 'white-out' brow inspired by Balint Barna's 'A Touch Of White'. There is something so alien and futuristic about a white or bleached brow and i'm totally on board with the entire look. The shoes are there to match the brows and look great and i wanted the poses to be dynamic and interesting to reflect the energy of the era. Finally; it was important to have a blonde model with platinum hair being the only way to do hair in the 80's. Enjoy.

Speak Soon,

Harriet x

Model, Connie Wilson
Photography, MUA, Stylist, Director, Harriet Victoria


Sunday, 8 December 2013

Fur time

Shoes, Faith
Hat, Topshop
Coats, Vintage
Necklace, Topshop
Top (Stud neck), Bitching & Junkfood

You don't need me to tell you that faux fur is the world's greatest invention, warm and beeaautiful and perfect for english weather. So i decided to do a shoot based on them- above are three out of my collection of seven. Don't be alarmed at this number, I haven't paid more than £20 for a single one and so my advice is ALWAYS to scour charity shops and carboot sales for these particular coats. It seems there are hundreds of them around and it's so worth the effort with high street stores selling them for between fifty and eighty pounds. Likewise, it is so much better to be wearing a fur coat that not everybody else is wearing- although i'm not one to criticise that because people are bound to have the same clothes as you if they're gorgeous and in a popular store. They are so versatile- although i would totally recommend rocking yours with a big floppy hat ;)

Speak soon,

Harriet x

Photographer, Katy Thomas
Stylist & Model, Harriet Victoria


Saturday, 30 November 2013

A little something i learnt in the summer. 
Try to avoid orange and red and pink though that is nearly always wrong.
Speak soon,

Harriet x

Photographer, Rachel Sherlock
Model & Stylist, Harriet Victoria

Saturday, 16 November 2013


A Challenge..
Above are images with the overarching theme being 'Africa'. I styled myself and the beautiful Bridgit Sissions chosen to model by the photographer. When presented with an African theme i was a concerned stylist- without the luxury of donated clothing and being primarily an 'all black' dresser i knew i would struggle; however i found some beautiful african inspired pieces in my wardrobe that were perfect for this shoot. Ofcourse, these images are not supposed to be accurate depictions of traditional african garments, but more encapsulating an african vibe, a popular look during the summer. 
My favourite outfit is the red suit given to me by my auntie when i was visiting her recently in cornwall, it is at least twenty years old by M&S and i absolutely love it to teeny tiny little pieces. A suit on a woman, as i have mentioned before, is a favourite of mine. Not just for it's flattering and edgy finish- but for the way it allures to a wealth of history regarding the emancipation of women. 

Outfits top to bottom.
Bikini top, Missguided Top, Vintage  Leggings, Topshop  Chain, Topshop  Earings, Vintage  Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell
Kaftan, H&M  Shirt, Topshop  Skirt, Vintage  Jewellery, Vintage  Shoes, Topshop
Head tie, Vintage  Chains, Vintage&Topshop  Belt, Vintage  Trousers, Vintage  Top, Topshop Shoes, Office  Croptop, Primark
Suit, Vintage M&S  Shirt, Allsaints
Headpiece, Ebay  Croptop, Vintage  Skirt, Vintage
Discopant body suit, Missguided  Dress, Vintage  Chains, Vintage  Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell

Photographer, Harry Cooke
Models, Harriet Victoria & Bridget Sissions
MUA, Lily Woodworth
Stylist, Harriet Victoria

Friday, 25 October 2013

Little Black Dress?

Here I have styled a simple and elegant black vintage dress. For myself, the L in LBD should always be Long.
Forever my favourite staple piece and the perfect autumn outfit.

Speak soon,

Harriet x

Photographer, Harry Cooke
Model, Connie Wilson
Stylist, Harriet Victoria

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Straps & Chains

Shorts, Bitching and Junkfood
Chains,  Topshop & Vintage
Shoes,  Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses,  Vintage
Croptop,  Topshop
Earings,  Vintage
Jacket,  Vintage

Straps & Chains, a big look for myself and others this summer and one i will be taking through to winter with a little warming up.
This look is inspired by what i've seen on the high street with particular emphasise both Topshop, and a favourite of mine, Bitching and To be perfectly honest it's all about the shorts. I've always been a lover of high waisted shorts because they lengthen your legs and allow for a crop top combo- i personally don't think it's ever pretty to have a full stomach out, it's a bit reminiscent of 90's girl bands/spice girls- for me with the high waist making the look a lot less offensive.
 However the bondage-like straps fitted to the denim adds a cool and sexy edge that, shamefully, gave me the incentive to spend £90- which really does make me recoil when i consider that these are going to be difficult to wear in british winter weather; but i WILL find a way.. and regarding the sunglasses- thank you john Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne for a legacy of 'cool'.

Speak soon,

Harriet x

Photographer, Harry Cooke
Stylist & Model, Harriet Victoria

Monday, 14 October 2013

Suited & Booted

(Braces, American Apparel)
(DiscoPants, Missguided)
(Boots, Urban Outfitters)
(Earing's, Vintage)
(Shirt, Allsaints)

A little late on this post, but i feel it's really important to mention suits. Suits are my new favourite outfit ever. Above is my favourite of a shoot i did with friend and photographer Rachel Sherlock about half way through the summer. Since then, i have noticed quirky and well fitting suits for my demographic are becoming increasingly easy to get hold of (leaving myself to feel that smug- age old 'did i start this trend?' fashion forecasting vibe, which is, unfortunately, probably not the case at all).

Regardless, the androgynous nature of a suit on a woman is something beautiful to me- and the combination of this and the outfit's versatility with regards to its wear: oversized, skirted, trousered, fitted, patterned cropped etc means i'll be rocking the suit through to winter whenever i can get away it. 

In the image above i am arguably wearing a more modern take on the suit when compared to the more traditional matching jacket and trouser combo, I recommend this technique for a less formal every day approach to the outfit.

Speak soon, 


Photographer, Rachel Sherlock
Make Up, Gemma Rowland
Model & Stylist, Harriet Victoria

Friday, 4 October 2013

White is the new BLACK

(Jacket, Vintage)
(Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell)

The 'White Out' has been dominating the catwalks since Spring/Summer 2013 with beautiful creations from Ricardo Tisci, Karl Lagerfield at Chanel and Givenchy catalysing a trend that- when done well- can be as striking as a timeless all-black ensemble. 

The Outfit pictured above is all about the white suit jacket, which i feel adds structure and drama to numerous autumn outfits- I imagine this white jacket with some tailored white trousers, a chunky necklace and some killer heels (It's incredibly stressful fantasising about outfits as i'm currently in debt from the summer despite being paid yesterday

- so we'll leave it at that).

However, forever a bargain hunter this jacket cost me £2,

 with very similar and affordable styles appearing in the likes of Topshop for £50,

 with other high street stores offering very similar products- so there are no excuses not to get one. 

Speak soon,


Photographer, Harry Cooke
Make Up Artist, Lily Woodworth
Model and Stylist, Harriet Victoria

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


'Wintery Androgynous Collective'. 
Shirt.River Island
Suit Jacket.Vintage
Shoes.Doc Martens 1461's
Glasses.Childhood Mistake
Trousers.Urban Outfitters

  Styled this with the 1970's in mind. Not too wise on era's but whatever it is i felt fresh. 
  Photo's by Harry Cooke, Click top logo to view his work-
  A budding young photographer based in Devon and a really nice bloke.

Location: Abandoned Factory.

Speak Soon, Harriet

Rat Attack, A bird in hand

Music Video:
'A Bird In Hand.'

BTS Photography:
Pangaea Tv Productions
Kerrang Magazine

 This post Is a little late- but earlier this year I 'acted' in my first music video! Exciting. Although arguably/..undeniably an extra it was still fun. Local band Rat Attack advocate a 'party punk' genre- 'Rock' to the rest of us, and chose an adulterous theme to accompany their new release A Bird In Hand. 
 Consequently meaning it was the role of myself and seven other girls to play the unfaithful conquests of the band members, on a night out unknown to their girlfriends.
 Love that.

 The filming was an all day endeavour that turned in to a bit of a party- and we were featured in Kerrang Magazine!
 I can't even report on my fashion decisions because i frantically borrowed the dresses off a girl i knew without checking the labels for brands- very last minute- and put on my gigantic studded JC's for confidence. A decision i later regretted due to pairing with a shorter band member, but a lovely guy called Mike.

Watch me

 See if you can see me; I'm the tall one in the white dress.
And then the tall one in the red dress. 

 Speak Soon, Harriet

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Photography-  By Josh Mansfield

As pictured from top to bottom:

'French Stocking Leggings'- Skintight
//Shirt- Vintage// Blazer- H&M// Boots- Jeffrey Campbell

'Autumn Tree Leggings'- Skintight
//Coat- Vintage// Shoes- New Look

'Earth As We Know It Leggings'Skintight
//Jumper- The Ragged Priest//Boots-Jeffrey Campbell//Earings- Topshop

'Buddha Leggings'- Skintight
//Crop top- Urban Outfitters//Shoes- Topshop//Necklace- Topshop

'Tartan Leggings'- Skintight
//Bralet- Urban Outfitters//Shoes- Urban Outfitters

Hi there,
Here are some shots from a recent photo shoot i did with a clothing company called skintight clothing based in Exeter.
My friend Marina gave me a message asking whether i'd like to model and assist her styling for the company and obviously i was really keen; she asked me to pick some clothes that would go with the leggings- after gathering up as many different black tops and other neutral coloured items, plus some bad ass shoes, i went to meet her and then we headed over to the company owners house to sort out the outfits. Myself and two other models took turns posing in three different locations in Exeter- it was freezing but super fun all the same. Hopefully be doing more work with them soon! 

- Please check out and my friends blog because it's awesome, and she's doing a skintight giveaway which you can get involved in!

Speak Soon, Harriet xox